List of victims

1.   Adarsh Singh

Age : 5
Incident Year: 2016
Qualification : Studying in kinder garden

Adarsh’s father (Chandan Singh) was working at a karkhana (bangle polish) from the past 13 years. The owner prohibited them from doing outdoor job but the manager used to get outdoor jobs. His father thus refused from doing it and informed the owner about it. Later, the owner himself in front of the manager told him to accept the outdoor job and commanded him to do it. His father thus resigned on this ground. The owner and manager also knew that his father and mother were going to vacate the rented house in which they were residing. On that day itself they went to his father's house and through a small window in the house, threw acid injuring 3 people. Chandini's (mother) was burnt approximately 45% but her husband's burns are much more and Adarsh himself was burnt in the course of attack. Chandini and her child Adarsh were taken to Satabdi Hospital and his father Chandan was taken to Kasturba Hospital and passed away after 16 days.


2.   Lalita Bain

Age : 23
Incident Year: 2012
Qualification : 2nd pass

Lalita is a Mumbaikar. She went to her village to attend her uncle's son's wedding. Her younger brother had a fight with another uncle's son while playing. She slapped them to stop the fight. After about 15 days, when she went to the fields, her uncle's son came and threw acid on her. The approximate burns that she faced are about 65%. Her face has disfigured, ears deformed and has lost an eye. She has also lost her hair growth on one side of her head. She has undergone 17 surgeries, and a few still left to be done. Her family includes her mother, father, and younger brother. The accused has been released on bail.


3.   Mariam Sheikh

Age : 26
Incident Year: 2015
Qualification : Illiterate

Mariam had a fight with her mother in law. Hence her husband and herself decided to live separately. To live in a rented house she took a loan of Rupees five thousand from a friend as a deposit for the house. One day her husband and she came to her sister’s house for a sleepover , they had to sleep outside since their house was small. That’s when the lender threw acid on them while they were asleep. Very little acid fell on Mariam but a lot on her husband. Both were admitted at Sion hospital. Mariam was admitted for 1 week and her husband expired after a period of 20 days due to the acid attack. Mariam has a child whose 2 ½ years and lives with her brother. The accused is on bail.


4.   Prashant Ingle

Age : 31
Incident Year: 2015
Qualification : HSC

Prashant’s sister was being harassed by a dairy booth person whenever she left her house to drop her kids to school. She along with her family asked him to behave himself. But he was reluctant and continued making advancements towards her. They then threatened him by saying that they would call the police and complain about this incident if he doesn’t improve. On being threatened, he threw acid on all of them, and out of 8 people, the acid fell on 4 of them. His sister's husband expired due to the attack. His burns are approximately 35% from the chin to the stomach and both his hands. The accident has left him unemployed. He survives on his father's pension. The accused is on bail.


5.   Reshma Sheikh

Age : 32
Incident Year: 2010
Qualification : 3rd pass

The acid attack was due to the family dispute. The accused was her own sister, husband and her older son. The accused threw acid on her and her other 2 sisters and her niece who was just a year old. She4 has undergone 4 surgeries while 2 are pending. She is a single mother and has 3 children. Due to this incident, the husband sold the house and left her. The percentage of burn is approximately 17%. The accused was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, but are released on bail.


6.   Siddharth Sasane

Age : 27
Incident Year: 2008
Qualification : SSC

The incident occured in 2008. He was sleeping at a Ganesh mandal when someone came and threw acid on both his eyes because of which he became blind. He hasn't received any compensation yet because the F.I.R. was not registered. He has already undergone 2 operations in Chennai, 5 are still pending, but yet not sure if he'll get back his vision. His family includes his mother, father, wife and children


7.   Vijay Chaudhary

Age : 25
Incident Year: 2015
Qualification : 10th pass

When his friend's sister, Deepika went to drop her kids to school, a dairy booth person used to make advancements towards her. She along with her family asked him to behave himself, but he was reluctant and continued his behavior. After repeated warnings, they told him that they would complain to the police if he didn’t improve. On being threatened, he threw acid on all of them, and out of 8 people, the acid fell on 4 of them. He has lost his vision from one side due to the attack. His treatment is still going on. He is dependent on his brother's income.


8.   Kalpana Ghodawa

Age : 50
Incident Year: 23rd March 2003
Qualification :

My name is Kalpana Ghodawat and I am 50 years old.I am belonging to District Sangli which is in Maharashtra and currently stayed in Gav bhag Krishna ghat ragunath sadan in Sangli.on 23rd March 2003,Acid attack was done on me and from that day till 8th August 2014 my treatment was going on.I am currently started my carrier as a Beautician.I am blessed with two son and upset point is that the acid attack on me was done by my Husband. Thank You.