List of victims

1.   Adarsh Singh

Age : 5
Incident Year: 2016
Qualification : Studying in kinder garden

Adarsh’s father (Chandan Singh) was working at a karkhana (bangle polish) from the past 13 years. The owner prohibited them from doing outdoor job but the manager used to get outdoor jobs. His father thus refused from doing it and informed the owner about it. Later, the owner himself in front of the manager told him to accept the outdoor job and commanded him to do it. His father thus resigned on this ground. The owner and manager also knew that his father and mother were going to vacate the rented house in which they were residing. On that day itself they went to his father's house and through a small window in the house, threw acid injuring 3 people. Chandini's (mother) was burnt approximately 45% but her husband's burns are much more and Adarsh himself was burnt in the course of attack. Chandini and her child Adarsh were taken to Satabdi Hospital and his father Chandan was taken to Kasturba Hospital and passed away after 16 days.