List of victims

6.   Deepika Solar

Age : 29
Incident Year: 2015
Qualification : HSC

Deepika is a mother of two kids. She used to go to drop her kids daily to school. On her way every day she used to get teased by dairy booth person and used to make advancements on her. She along with her family asked him to behave himself, but he was reluctant. He seemed stubborn and hence they threatened to call the police. On being threatened, he threw acid on all of them, and out of the 8 people, the acid fell on 4 of them. The percentage of burn on Deepika has is approximately 15%. Due to the attack, Deepika's husband expired after a month due to the acid attack. She lives with her mother in law and her 2 children. The accused is released on bail. She survives on her father in law's pension.