List of victims

3.   Mariam Sheikh

Age : 26
Incident Year: 2015
Qualification : Illiterate

Mariam had a fight with her mother in law. Hence her husband and herself decided to live separately. To live in a rented house she took a loan of Rupees five thousand from a friend as a deposit for the house. One day her husband and she came to her sister’s house for a sleepover , they had to sleep outside since their house was small. That’s when the lender threw acid on them while they were asleep. Very little acid fell on Mariam but a lot on her husband. Both were admitted at Sion hospital. Mariam was admitted for 1 week and her husband expired after a period of 20 days due to the acid attack. Mariam has a child whose 2 ½ years and lives with her brother. The accused is on bail.